Scaffolding Hire

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Scaffolding hire for new build projects can be a tough challenge.There will be various sub contractors that will be working on the prosert and they will usually need to use the scaffolding as part of their work. On numerous occassions auoptions will be requested and two sub contractors can often have conflicting requests.Clear understanding of the issues and good communication skills are essential to keep the site moving and our professional team at NLS has both the knowledge and experience to iron out any complications.
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North London Scaffold has much experience in scaffolding office blocks to enable our clients to convert them into residential units. Amongst the many requirements are at times additional works are added and the other times elevations need shoring NLS works closely with the client to ensure we have a quick, safe & cost effective solution. To all our clients scaffolding needs.
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With Scaffolding health and safety is crucial. The structure must keep up with the perils of construction, giving a complete peace of mind for the teams using them throughout the build. NLS also has a 24 hour team on standby to do any emergency changes or repairs to structures which comes especially handy in stormy weathers when we are there to give our clients an assuring peace of mind for the safety of their teams and their surroundings.
Commercial Scaffolding hire has its potential issues as on numerous occasions the client will wish to continue trading whilst works are being carried out. Our team at NLS has the knowledge expertise to ensure clean and safe access for the public without affecting the ongoing building works.
Shoring Scaffold
Shoring, is a form of prop or support, usually temporary, that is used during the repair or original construction of buildings and in excavations. Temporary support may be required, for example, to relieve the load on a masonry wall while it is repaired or reinforced. In simple terms, shoring is the act of propping up with shores.  Shoring is a general term used in construction to describe the process of supporting a structure in order to prevent collapse so that construction can proceed.
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Under HSE regulations the scaffolding to be design and we work closely together with both the client and our design team to produce a quality design that is both safe and practical to work with. Contact us today and we will answer all the questions that you may have.