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When you are looking for scaffolding services in London, having a few things in mind about safety can come in handy. The following factors should always be a priority whether your project is small or large.


Each scaffold has a recommended load set by the manufacturer. By no means should anyone exceed this value as the scaffold construction will get undermined. On one hand, every scaffold is able to support multiple times the maximum intended load, but on the other hand, weather conditions and wind do affect its stability. In any case, go by the book to be safe rather than sorry.


Do not use boxes or ladders to increase your work height. If you can’t reach an area you should request that your supervisor has the scaffold platform raised. Using ladders on scaffolds has led to many accidents in the past.


Safety is paramount when it comes to scaffolding. Make sure that everyone involved in the construction project takes appropriate safety measures. Secure the safety of the structure and be informed of all the necessary scaffolding guidelines.


Make sure that you comply with all the rules and regulations. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) law requires employers to provide a workplace that is safe and free from hazards. Apart from the fines that you might come across if you don’t comply, you risk having an unwanted accident in your workplace.


Do not forget the importance of the scaffolding being thoroughly checked out before the start of the works and daily thereafter. An inspection log should be completed daily, detailing deterioration or signs of broken and damaged areas. Fix and replace anything needed immediately.

North London Scaffolding offers commercial and domestic scaffolding services in London. We are prepared to undertake any type of contract from the construction industry, trade and private individuals alike, from small access towers for household maintenance, renovation or chimney works to new-build projects and more complex industrial and specialist installations. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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