If you need scaffold equipment for your next project, you might not be sure whether you should go for scaffolding rental or buy. It can be tough call for project managers and the following key factors will help you determine that scaffolding rental is a better fit for you.

#1 Time

Renting scaffolding is the best fit for short-term projects. This would usually be three months or less. If you are just getting started as a contractor, renting may be a smart choice. The same goes for smaller, one-off residential projects. In the long run, paying to rent scaffolding equipment for three months or hopefully less is not an amount that will break the bank.

#2 Storage

This basically depends on how many projects you will be having. If you have many projects planned, you will need to store your bought equipment in between. This will require significant room and it can add a serious amount to your costs overall. Not mentioning the work you will have to put in. Renting scaffolding will save you of all these arrangements.

#3 Labour

It is needless to say that owing scaffolding equipment comes with the requirement to have experienced workers to handle it (erect it, perform safety checks and inspections, maintain and dismantle it). The professional manpower is an extra factor/cost you will need to consider if you buy scaffolding. Scaffolding rental sets you free of these considerations and costs.

#4 Cost

The amount heavily depends on the volume of the equipment and the length of the project, but an approximate cost to rent scaffold is £2000 per trailer for a 30 day period. The respective cost to buy the same amount of scaffold would be around £40000.

Scaffolding rental is a safe choice, as you might not have upfront funds to purchase such equipment. If you are unsure how much scaffolding you will need, for how long and how much it will cost speak with our experienced scaffolding advisor for more insight.

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